Riding Membership 

If you are interested in foxhunting and want to become a member of the Hunt, we encourage you to cap, or ride for a fee, before deciding whether membership is for you. 

We ask that you cap with us a maximum of three (times) in total before you can be considered for membership. 

When you are ready to apply for membership, your request will be presented to the Board of Directors by the Membership Chairperson.If the Board approves the proposal you will be formally invited to join the Hunt.  

It's at this time that you'll be asked to purchase a form of membership. Details about membership fees can be obtained from the Membership Chairperson.

Social Membership

If you are not a regular rider, but still wish to contribute to the Hunt and join our social functions, you have the opportunity to become a Social Member upon recommendation of a hunt member to the Membership Chairperson and payment of the social membership fee. 

The Awarding of Colors

The awarding of colors is a privilege earned by riding members who have made an ongoing significant contribution to the continuation of the Hunt’s tradition of sportsmanship. Windy Hollow Hunt's official color is vibrant Royal Blue.

The awarding of colors is decided upon by the Masters.Those who receive colors are typically members who have hunted regularly for at least three years primarily with the jumping field, who have been exemplary, well turned-out and on a groomed horse, who have participated in and contributed to the success of the Hunt’s activities and who are a credit to the Hunt’s reputation. Riders with colors have the right of way in the Field.